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"Haute in the City" Falling in Love With Color

Baby, it’s cold outside! With snow flurries and the infamous sprinkling of Arkansas ice surely on the horizon, the perfect cover-up is a fashion statement you can’t face the winter without. Thanks to the creative minds of designers like myself, there is a plethora of stylish, unique and forever classic choices to help you master the art of selecting that to-die-for winter cover-up.No cold weather wardrobe could ever be complete without the addition of a great coat, not to mention it’s a near effortless way to catapult your style to the next level. My fashion Achilles' heel is most definitely a rocking coat.

That essential piece paired with a favorite boot can quickly bring forth my fiercest fashion mood on my worst days.I always say that a woman should leave them wanting more. A great coat makes an unforgettable fashion statement and leaves a lasting impression. When shopping, it’s important to remember to look for quality and the right one for your style because this is a piece you’ll repeat all season.

The Cover-Up 101

If you're anything like me, your closet will consist of different styles of coats that reflect personality, lifestyle and comfort. Having just one clearly has to be a hidden fashion faux pas!The typical fashionista will find herself snagging a variety of coats that will accommodate any outing.The fall 2018 trends will not leave you disappointed. Trust me, you’ll have your hands full deciding between plaids, sleek belted classics, irresistible reversibles, rich leathers and incomparable colors.​

How to Rock It

With so much to choose from, what’s a girl to do? There’s always a method to any madness. Check out a few of my go-to tips for putting some stylish "umph" into your coat game.

Choose a regular coat during the day. Ideally it’s long enough to fall around knee-height or mid thigh. This piece will be dressy or casual depending on your individual style. Once that essential look is secure, add the following to achieve the flawless winter coat fashion cocktail:

  • A chic coat that defines evening or dressy occasion warmth

  • A cute and casual coat for the weekends (This one will usually be shorter and is a great time to play with leather and fur pieces.)

  • A warm parka or short pea coat are great options for implementing trends, colors and patterns. A raincoat or trench coat are a must! (These coats are fun to experiment with showcasing your personal fashion style.)

Balling on budget? Don’t sweat it. The right coat can easily transition from day to weekend if your budget is limited. However, I must say that owning the trench coat also has to be on a hidden list of requirements to become a true fashionista. A literal gift from the fashion gods, the trench makes almost every essential items list by celebrity stylists. This is definitely where you go for quality because this timeless coat will last and is great for those between-season looks.

Pulling It All Together

Whichever look you choose this season, don’t skip the most crucial piece of looking your best: the fit! Here are a few industry pointers:

  • Be sure to get a good fit from the shoulders. It should hang straight down.

  • Ensure there is enough room through the armholes.

  • Any seams, pleats, closures or pockets should lie flat and the hem should be even.

  • Coats with full arm lengths should always cover the wrists.

  • Close the coat completely and make sure it doesn’t pull anywhere.

  • Finally, make sure you can move around in your coat comfortably. Walk around and sit down and make sure the fit and weight suits you.

Bundle up and enjoy the winter fashions to come with style. You’re one step closer to mastering the art of the cover-up!

Photography: Jimmy Smith

Wardrobe: Feinstein's

Model: Kristen Marlona of Major Market Models

Shot on location at The Capital Hotel

Shot on location at the Little Rock Club by Jodie Kelly

Linda Rowe Thomas is an an award-winning fashion designer, author, philanthropist and motivational speaker. Thomas is the founder and creative director of Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas, in downtown Little Rock, the only only designer showroom and production house in the state of Arkansas.

Thomas' fashion career consists of more than 20 years in buying, marketing, management and design. To date, her celebrity clientele has included actresses, Grammy award-winning singers and professional athletes. Her highly sought-after couture label has graced the runways of the Golden Globes, ESPYs, BET and more. Thomas continues to showcase her brand at some of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world, including Mercedes Benz Fashion.

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