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With 31 degree highs, its pretty obvious that Fall/Winter season is here with bells on and it is time to transform our closets from brights and florals to neutrals and cable knits! Team Romas wants to help you with that by giving you the top five winter essentials for the season. With these five pieces in your closet, you can mix and match your summer clothes with the fall pieces and create countless outfits!

Chunky Sweater:

A chunky sweater is our go to top when it starts getting chilly outside. It’s comfortable, functional and trendy; how can you get better than that? Sweaters like these come in all sorts of colors such as burnt orange, gray and forest green. They also come in almost every length and neckline. A sweater as versatile as this can be the perfect addition to your closet this fall.

Gold Hoops:

Gold hoops are most definitely our favorite accessories this season! A bold pair of hoops can make any outfit pop and add just the right amount of sass to get through the day. Subtle hoops can be worn every day and the mega hoops can be worn on nights out with the girls as well as rocking the red carpets.

Ankle Pants:

A pair of great Ankle pants is quite the essential for the closets because they are the so versatile in your work wardrobe. If you have a neutral color pair, you can wear them a couple times a week at work with different tops and shoes. If bright colors are more your style, wear red or blue pants to make a statement.

Skate Shoe:

The skate shoe is here and it is not leaving for a long time. In today’s culture, women are caring more about comfort and less about wearing painful stilettos every day. We all still want to look fashionable while staying comfy and the way to achieve that is with these shoes. Skate shoes are sold everywhere from Target to Valentino, so whatever your budget may be, you can snatch a pair of these for yourself.

Trench Coat:

The basic trench is making it’s comeback and we could not be more excited! Trench coats are the best to wear for any occasion whether it is to meet friends for dinner or hiding your nightgown while running to the grocery store early in the morning. We are obsessed with the trench and you should be too!

These Fall essentials that we have shown you will help your closet transition with ease. Stay warm with great sweaters and trenches, stay cool with big gold hoops and keep comfy in ankle pants as well as skate shoes! Here's to Rocking a fashionably fabulous winter everyone!

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