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Linda Rowe Thomas

The Art of Fashion and Philanthropy

Linda Rowe Thomas, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Phoenix Burn Society, ALS, Big Brothers Big Sisters, A Woman Called Moses, American Heart Association, Camp Sunshine, Junior League of Little Rock
Designer Linda Rowe Thomas's first love is fashion but her heart clearly beats for philanthropy. As an active member of the Junior League of Little Rock, Fine Arts Club, Burn Survivor Mentor, and Executive Director of Designing Hope, Thomas has solidified her role among the many community leaders dedicated to empowering the community. Her designs grace the runway for worthy causes across the nation. Thomas continues to receive national recognition for her philanthropy service and design accomplishments.  To learn more about the Designing Hope Foundation, visit the website at


"The greatest gift is giving. I feel that we create a great disservice when put in the position to be mentors, leaders, and inspirations and we do not reach back to assist others. One of the most rewarding things in my life is being a mother and being able to use my love of fashion as a tool to empower someone else. Whether it be encouraging our youth, the loss of my mother to heart disease, or having friends personally affected by autism, ALS or cancer, it makes me proud to believe in and support so many wonderful organizations."
-Linda Rowe Thomas

Organizations that we've partnered with to give hope to those in need.. 

World Burn Congress
American Heart ASSoc
camp sunshine
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