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Motivational Speaker

"Sure to captivate your audience, Linda's inspiring message redefines courage and human potential."


Be Inspired!


After suffering traumatic burns from a house fire at age two, Linda spent her childhood undergoing multiple surgeries on her path to recovery. Seeing her desire to learn to make doll clothes, her mother used sewing as a method of physical therapy for Linda' hands and taught her to sew. Neither mother or daughter could have expected that as a teenager she'd began to sew her own clothing, embarking upon a her successful career in the world of fashion. Her extraordinary gift allowed Linda to demand stares that she could not only control but welcomed.

Through her mother's love, faith, and fashion, Linda learned to truly love the person looking back at her from the mirror. She now hopes to empower others with that same confidence through her designs and her remarkable story of over coming adversities. Today Linda is an award winning couture fashion designer who has shown her collections in some of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world.

Linda’s signature speech “Can't is Not an Option” empowers audiences to what they have always dreamed of. She shares her own emotional journey of learning to love herself after growing up with third degree burns to face and hands. Through her story, Linda moves audiences to truly seek for genuine self-love, to demand more from life, and to find their own Can't is not an Option will to live beyond adversity.


Linda has spoken at renowned conferences such as World Woman Summit, World Burn Conference, Women's Federation for World Peace, alongside speakers like Lisa Pino, Linda Clemons, Anna Marie Chavez, Cara Brookins and other featured speakers from NBC News, UN Women and Youth Development.

  • Panel speaker

  • Corporations or businesses

  • College & university students

  • High school & middle school students

  • Youth groups

  • Summer camps

  • Athletic teams

  • Churches

  • And more

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Partial List

  • Water for Christ

  • North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce

  • Woman's World Summit

  • World Burn Conference

  • Mount St. Mary Academy

  • Arkansas Fashion School 

  • Junior League of Little Rock

  • Delta Regional Authority

  • Genuine Trading LLC

  • Lisa Academy North

  • Camp Sunshine

  • St. Paul A.M.E Church

  • Women's Conference Houston

  • Women's Foundation of Arkansas

  • Women's Federation for World Peace

  • The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.

  • Benjamin E. Mays High School

  • Fourth Street Elementary

  • Full Counsel Women's Retreat

  • Delta Sigma Theta

  • University Arkansas Pine Bluff

  • At Promise

  • Atlanta Junior High School

  • Texas High High School

"Mount St. Mary Academy had the privilege of having Linda serve as guest speaker for its biennial Mercy & Me fundraiser. 


Linda's story is about the power of the human spirit and the gift of love. Her message of courage and fortitude is one that instills hope and self-confidence.


She is truly a joy to listen to and you will find yourself following her fashions, business and philanthropic interests.


- Mount St. Mary Foundation

"Linda unpacked her personal story of courage, determination and faith that only she can tell with such grace, sincerity and humor. The crowd, cried then laughed and everyone left feeling inspired and thankful.


Life is hard and when we get to feeling down we all need someone to help us keep things in perspective. Linda is just that kind of person. She is an inspiration to me! Best speaker we have had since I have been CEO of the Chamber!"



- John Owens

"The first time I heard Linda's story, I was incredibly touched and impressed with both her candor and the challenges she has overcome -- challenges which would defeat many others.

Linda Rowe Thomas is an inspiration to anyone who has survived a terrible accident or lived through a traumatic experience.


Her story shows that despite setbacks or seemingly overwhelming odds, we can still achieve our goals through faith and perseverance.        

We were in awe as Mrs. Rowe Thomas shared her story of survival.


An inspiration, role model, survivor, blessing and the list goes on and on."

- Rev. Beverly R. White

"I had the pleasure and honor of hearing Mrs. Linda Rowe Thomas, speak and she gave a positive and a very moving, motivational speech. I was where I needed to be and to hear what I needed to hear.


All of the obstacles she had to face in life her mom instilled in her, "can't is not option; you need to figure it out.   

- Carol


Have you heard Linda speak and want to share the impact her story had on you and your life?                   Email your comments to us at  and let your voice be heard!

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