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It's Getting Haute in Here

Picture this: You are walking down the most delightful little side street in Paris, headed to a swanky gala and dressed to the nines. Someone stops you and asks where you bought your dress, and you say, “It’s couture.”

Surely that's something that can only happen if you are an A-list celebrity visiting one of the world's grandest fashion capitals, right?


You too can wear a custom, one-of-a-kind gown (otherwise known as couture) to your wedding, prom, gala, or any other snazzy event you have on your calendar.

Here at Romas, we are proud to have Arkansas’ only couture showroom and production house, which means that we would be more than happy to create an extraordinary gown (or jumpsuit!) to your exact specifications and help you look and feel like you never have before.

In addition to creating those Cinderella moments, we also offer a way to make them last forever: image consultations.

At our exclusive image consultations, one of our style concierges will evaluate your current look to determine where you are in your personal style growth, and even more importantly, where you could be.

From there, we will create custom outfits, make trend & color recommendations, and more to put you on the path to achieving your full fashion potential.

Still not convinced?

Come in and see us at 310 Center Street in downtown Little Rock. The complimentary champagne and chocolates will be waiting!

Photography by: Errick Jackson

Hair Styling: Lauren Treat

Models: Emily Moore & Rickei Jackson

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