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Internship Program

The Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas Internship Program. Our goal is to provide you with practical hands-on work experience that supplements your coursework and gives you valuable tools toward building your career.


The program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry, including a strong foundation of design, marketing, runway production, styling, business management and presentation skills.

Giving back to our community is an essential part of our program as well. Each year we produce the Designing Hope fashion fundraiser. The annual fashion show allows our interns to be involved in every aspect of planning the event, garnering hands on knowledge of producing a fashion a show.

Current partners with the Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas include:

  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

  • University of Central Arkansas

  • University of Arkansas Fayetteville

  • Conductor

To apply to become a part of our internship program, email us at

If you would like to register your school or university to become a part of our internship program, email us at

Romas by Linda Rowe Thomas, UAPB, Internship program, colleges, University of Pine Bluff Arkansas,
Romas by Linda Rowe Thomas, Internship program, colleges, University of Arkansas Fayetteville,
Romas by Linda Rowe Thomas, Internship program, colleges, UCA, University of Central Arkansas


Join our team of future entrepreneurs! 


University of Arkansas Pine Bluff


University of Central Arkansas


University of Arkansas Fayetteville


University of Central Arkansas


University of Central Arkansas


"My internship with Mrs. Linda Rowe Thomas granted me firsthand experiences within the fashion industry that I will cherish till this day. I am eternally grateful for the freedom allotted to ask as many questions as my curious mind could think of.

Mrs. Thomas saw my potential and pushed me closer toward the path she knew I was dying to tread. She put some sand paper to my rough edges, molding me to fit, even further, my dreams into reality."


"My internship at Romás last summer was no doubt, the best work experience I have ever gotten. From trend forecasting and making style boards to sourcing fabrics and seeing her work end up on the red carpet, Mrs. Linda and I went through every step of producing stunning pieces together. I will take these skills and memories from this internship throughout my career in fashion."


"Interning at Romás was my first true step into the fashion industry. I was lucky enough to work closely with Linda herself for the duration of the internship, and I learned many valuable lessons under her leadership. You will not find another internship program like it in Arkansas!"


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