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Simply Sexy

You may be wondering if this is an ode to Jennifer Lopez... It is! Team Romás believes this fashionista is the epitome of "Simply Sexy". JLO is known for her plunging necklines, short hems, and extravagant gowns down the red carpet. However, she always looks incredibly effortless and sexy. Naturally poised and confident, she executes her fashion versatility with ease.

What you wear is crucial in the fashion industry, but more importantly, it is about how you infuse your personality to pull your look off. As long as you feel fantastic in what you are wearing and have the self confidence that we all should feel, you will look stunning. Our light shines from the inside out and Team Romás wants our clients to feel as good as they look.

A helpful way to make sure your look is the perfect balance of classy and sexy, try keeping your makeup look soft and romantic like the picture below. It is easy to get carried away with wild makeup when a dress like this has so many embellishments, but less is more when it comes to being "Simply Sexy". When pulling together an elegant ensemble, keep the jewelry to a minimum. Our favorite example is how JLo completes this look with subtle earrings and rings even though she's always been able to rock the big hoops!

Hair is another part of your outfit that you should keep in mind when pulling this simply sexy look together. Never be afraid try different variations, but moderation is key. Slick back ponies, long, sleek locks, and top buns are the trending hairstyles this season when you aren't trying to overdo your look. Jenny from the block is our go to girl when we are searching for "Simply Sexy" inspiration. Hopefully, these fun tips will bring you one step closer to being more confident in your style game! Simply sexy is the new classy, have fun!

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