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5 Things Your Purse Should Never Be Without

Your purse is one major element that is important to keep up with at all times. You carry it everywhere, it holds many of your prized possessions (cash, cards), and it can come in handy in almost any occasion! Team Romás is here to give you 5 essential items that you should have in your purse at all times.

Tinted lip balm is our first essential item that you should never be without. It is the perfect combination of soothing and cute! For us, a makeup look isn't complete without some lip color. Tinted lip balms have come a long way and now they have almost any color from vibrant reds to soft neutrals. After lunch when your lip color has been wiped away, grab your tinted balm and look as fresh as you did this morning before work!

A card holder like this one from Kate Spade is important because we all know our cards don't stay together by themselves. Having a card holder will solve many of your problems when it comes to clutter in your purse. This way, you know exactly where your cards are when you are in the Starbucks line!

The holy grail of makeup is something else that your purse cannot be without and that is... concealer! Find your perfect shade so you can touch up your blemish areas (we all have them) as well as brighten up your under eye for when you are tired midday.

Girl, mints can save your day! Is there a hot guy next to you in the restaurant line? Is your boss wanting your input on the new business proposal? Whatever the situation may be, breath mints are essential to keep in your purse so your breath won't slow you down!

This one is not as glamorous and girly as the previous picks, but these Tide to go pens are magic!! Have you ever started to walk into a meeting and suddenly spill your coffee all over your shirt? Oh yeah, me either... Okay, I will be honest, I have! If you have a spill like that or one of any kind, using this pen on the stain will take away the stain in seconds! These are very convenient to have in your purse on those days that you don't wake up #Flawless like Beyonce.

Last but definitely not least, you need at least two fashionable hair ties. Humidity can be a monster to our hair and stress can strike when we can't find a spare hair tie in the car. Not to fear, just pack a few in your purse for emergencies and your hair problems will be solved! Sometimes up dos look more chic anyway.

These five things are essential for running a seamless lifestyle. You will be more organized, stain free, and looking fresh at all times when you have these items in your purse!

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