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Summer Love

Warm kisses from the sun, sand at your feet and the breath of the wind at your back as you promise forever to the love of your life..... What better way to say your vows?

Destination weddings have made an alluring come back. And with the options of dreamy paradise getaways and the simplistic beauty of nature as your backdrop; why wouldn't they?

The Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas bridal collection is known for it's classic, timeless styles, silhouettes that flatter every curve, and its luxurious fabrics, Our latest custom bride graced the sandy beaches in her one of a kind vision of love and lace. Intricate ribbons and functioning pockets gave this classic piece a feminine twist.

Looking for your own perfect dress for nature's stage? Try on some of the latest trends like sleeveless styles that not only keep the bride cool, but flatter the arms and shoulders. There's magic in the details. Add feminine touches similar to our shoulder ribbons, flowing trains, and deep V lines, What girl wouldn't love a stunning line that elongates the neck and draws the focus to that beautiful face on her special day?

Let's talk accessories! Our bride is wearing a floral headband that quite simply was the perfect touch for a beach wedding. A great way to style the hair away from the face while making summer fashion statement! Keep it simple when it comes to jewelry and complete the look with a traditional or vintage inspired necklace and stud earrings.

Last but not least, we cannot forget makeup! The perfect faux lash can help create a romantic eye that looks fresh, yet stunning when paired with warm toned shadows, blushes, and powders. Seal your look with an unforgettable kiss by using pastel pinks and neutrals shades for the lips.

Whether it be a beach wedding with your bare feet in the sand or a posh dream venue, you can't go wrong with a chic, timeless and feminine style!

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