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Style Fashion Week

Hey fashionistas! It's Linda. I thought I'd share this week's blog from a personal perspective. I'm a Texas girl residing in the Rock (Little Rock, that is) for 16 years now. I never in a million years thought that Arkansas would allow me to explore my love for design, let alone thrive in the fashion world. BUT... Little Rock has allowed me to not only expand my horizons in all things fashion, but to actually sink my teeth into the industry and become an awarded winning fashion designer.

I can never get enough of the lights, runways and eclectic styles from around the world. My heart literally races with joy on site! One of my favorite things about being a fashion designer is that I get to travel the country and experience fashion through the eyes of a vast variety of talented designers and fashion lovers from across the globe. My latest fashion adventure led me to Style Fashion Week in LA.

With the usual anticipation, I packed an array of trendy outfits. With my girls in tow, we took in as much as the days would allow, from Marina Del Rey to the famed Fashion District.

I admit, I barely slept. It was my first visit to Style Fashion Week and I couldn't miss a beat. (Thank God for coffee!) The Pacific Design Center hosted a spectacular week long show in downtown LA, jammed packed with celebrities, media, bloggers, and notable taste makers from the fashion industry. The highlight of the trip for me was getting the opportunity to sit front row and actually enjoy the shows from the spectators point of view. My absolute favorite designers were Mario De La Torrre and Sonjia Williams. Mario masterfully created a classic collection of all white feminine pieces that included sexy, maternity, plus sized and even kids. However, 9 year old Celai West stole the show with a fierce walk that will definitely take her places. (see video below) Sonjia Williams' collection blended feminism with a trendy mix of textures, layers. Sonjia gives street style, new style!

The trip was everything that I'd hoped it be. From reconnecting with Rocco from Fashion News Live to

Mario De La Torre

Mario De La Torre

Celai West for Mario De La Torre

Sonjia Williams

Sonjia Williams

Rocco of Fashion News Live

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