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3 Surprising Beauty Hacks

Beauty hacks were created with on the go fashionista in mind! We live in a fast paced world where waiting no longer has to be an option and beauty should not be the exception. Team Romás is head over heels for these new beauty trends!

Need a dramatic eye look, but only have 30 seconds to complete it? We love this solution. Grab your nearest eyeliner pencil and apply it over the lid. You may be wondering why you look like you have a black eye, but we aren't done yet! Smudge the liner up and out until those harsh lines are no longer visible. Viola! You've created the easiest smokey eye that a girl can do.

The situation: You are fresh out of your favorite lipstick and you don't have time to run to Ulta because your date is picking you up in 10. Solution: Take your go-to blush, mix it with chapstick or makeup primer, and apply to your lips. This quick hack is great because you can make lipstick out of almost any color in your shadow kit!

Eye shadow for the hair? Yes, it sounds crazy.. But it works! If your part is a little thin or your roots are starting to show, simply use an eyeshadow that matches your hair. Brush it sparingly on each side of your part for a fresh look. It is a simple trick that works on just about any hair type. Try it, and you won't regret it!

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