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Linda Rowe Thomas

  Can't Is Not 

   An Option!

Funding IDEAS

Motivational Speaker

         Don't be discouraged by a limited budget!  We are here to work with you and help you provide an                                                                    incredible experience for your next event. 
                                                             Here are some funding suggestions:
  1. Get Local businesses to sponsor the talk:   Local businesses and churches are willing to help out in the community. Check with car dealerships, insurance agencies, alcohol distributors (beer wholesalers & wine and spirits wholesalers), and local restaurants.

  2. School Fund Raisers:  Challenge one or several of your student organizations to a FUND RAISING contest. This is a great lesson for students to learn and experience.

  3. Get a special rate by sharing the day with another local institution!  Sharing Jared in the same day with another institution can significantly cut the speaking fee. This is simple, just share Linda's link with other institutions in your area (middle schools, high schools, technical colleges, universities, churches, military bases, etc…).  If we are able to set up a presentation in the same time frame as your desired time frame, we will allow a cut in fees for both institutions. 

  4. Community Grants:  If your school does not have access to the money, then somebody in your community does. Check with local non-profits, like Family Connections and Family Services. State Grants:  Many states have grant monies available for school presentations through their Local District Health Departments or through social services. Linda's presentation helps improve the wellness of our young people by teaching them the importance of making the right choices in life, dealing with self esteem issues, and bullying.

We hope this list gives you some direction, resources, and ideas. We believe in this message, so take a leap of faith and get the ball rolling on booking your presentation today!  Please start by completing the Book Linda contact form.


                                                                      We look forward to working with you!


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